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What Is a Domain Name and why do you need one?

A domain name is the address of your Blog or Website for example “mywebsite.com” or”.co.uk” and so on, your can’t have a website without one, unless you have a brand name like Amazon or Facebook you must try to find a name that reflects what you website is so having various TLD’s is helpful sorry, what’s a “TLD” well it’s the “`rightmost part of a domain name such as for example “.com” “.co.uk” or .org”.

Several Domain providers allow you to play around online with names after you’ve entered yours to find a suitable one but remember that the name you choose must be suitable such that customers can remember it and it does reflect what your website is about as it will also help with Google search engine, finally the “Domain Name” is your website address it’s like the “Telephone Number” that people will use to find you.

With so many domain names already in use, yesterday some 56k .com names were registered just by one provider in the USA so finding the name you want may be a problem, use the TLD’s or just be a little creative.

For example, let’s say you have an “eBook” digital download store and your trying to fins a Domain Name, you won’t get “eBooks.com so try eBooksDownload or DigitaleBooks or even eBooksatHome etc or .biz, .net but remember, does it reflect your business and is it catchy enough.

So your going to need some help with names which is where some providers do help you, one provider I always remember who was helpful in suggesting alternative names when the one I wanted was already taken was Hostgator but others have the same helpful system online so try some others out, use the search engines to find out who the providers are and see who seems to be more helpful and suits you needs.

I started with Hostgator but when I took the internet more seriously I moved on to a provider who not only supplied Domain Names but also was a Hosting Provider is seemed the best option at the time for me, in the past few years I have now separated my domain provider and Hosting but I still use my Provider I surppose it’s all about who you happy with and although price does come into it I accept at times service if you can afford it comes more into play, I use “Namecheap.com for all my Domain Names, I’m not recommending them because they are good for me and I won’t change but your not me and your requirements will be different to mine and so I cant say they would be good for you, they are just the best I’ve found for what I need, try looking around and see who best suit s you.

Now, when I started and I still do is to have my hosting in place and I would suggest you do also as it makes setting up your domain name easy and in one visit to your provider but, let’s continue with the Domain Name.

So on too buying a Domain Name, when you do buy your Domain Name the Provider / Seller will ask you what your DNS or Domain Name server address is, so you can enter it on your providers Domain Name Account Page, the address is normally like: “ns1.namecheaphost.com” and what that does is point your Domain Name to the server that your website is hosted on, it connects the two things, your website and your domain name allowing any one who enters your website name to connect with your website, it’s just like magic.

Some Providers are listed below, one word though, don’t get drawn in to very low prices check it all out as some providers give you a very low price when you buy but increase that massively in the second year, so read what your buying, the links below do not contain an affiliate link, I don’t do that.






So let’s go back to the question of Hosting and get some answers, next the Hosting Providers Click Here.

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