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Small Business WebsitesA Small Business Website does not have to be a expensive complicated design offering but can be as simple as a Blog. 

When you’ve just started a small business or want to grow one that you already operate you’ll be thinking of setting up your own small business website but, after spending some time looking into it you may well think twice especially when you see what some website suppliers want to charge for helping you get online. you can pay anything for a few hundred to a couple of thousand before you start adding all of the other running costs so what do you do ? well let me offer a solution which will cost you a lot less.

Throughout this site you’ll see blogs and websites covering a vast range of subjects and designs any of which will with very llittle work convert into a Small Business Website offering you the chance to publish online your Business its just a metter of you deciding what you want to show to people searching for what your offering.

Let’s start first by thinking about someone who’s searching on Google for the service or product you provide, when hopefully your business comes up on the Google results page and the potential customer clicks on your address what will he want to see ? is it for example photos of what you provide or is it instant information about your products or services? or even just product and prices? or what about backgrounds information and helpfully videos so he can decide which product he really does need? you need to find this out before you start as then and only then can you design your website to match what you hope will be your Small Business Website, if you can do that then your visitor will stay longer and the chances of doing some business will grow, so using a blog adapted to your business can and will work both in terms of customer appeal and cost.

I would always start with a well designed blog as you can change simply and quickly so that it meets your requirements and look professional when viewed by potential customers, the main benefit I think is that you can quickly update information, pictures and offers that will appeal to your customer base and if your starting up you can keep the costs of having a major advertising source very low cost.





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